Maximal Hyster Yale Dealer Letter 120617


December 6, 2017

To All Maximal Dealer Principals:

New Maximal Fleet Available at Avis Forklift Centre to Buy or Rent

New Maximal Fleet Available at Avis Forklift Centre to Buy or Rent

Due to the reliability, after sales service and excellent pricing of the Maximal range of forklift trucks, Avis Forklift Centre has increased its regular orders from the manufacturer. These Forklifts are available on rental or outright purchase.

 These new Maximal forklifts are part of a recent order received and are all destined for a large manufacturing concern throughout S.A.

 Avis Forklift Centre recently added these new Maximal forklifts to their fleet in order to keep up with the growing demand

The 2.5 ton Kramer Telehandler (Wacker Neuson) a new addition to Avis Forklift Centre

The Kramer (Wacker Neuson) new addition to Avis Forklift Centre's fleet



Avis Forklift Centre in proud to introduce the new Kramer from Wacker Neuson to Avis Forklift Centres Fleet.


Avis Forklift Centre brought the Kramer into South Africa in December 2016 we are proud to introduce it in to all of Avis Forklift Centres customers. 

The 2.5 ton Kramer telehandler has the following specifications:


Quiet Night

Liftstar Electric Pallet Truck

Safety is a big issue in the Logistics industry - as it pretty much is everywhere! Noise pollution is proven to be detrimental not only to one's health but to productivity as well.

The sollution? Quiet night from Liftstar! Their popular electric pallet trucks, like the WP15-20 and WP46-25, have been designed to conform to stricter international demands requiring quieter equipment.

Quieter operation means a more comfortable work environment. With the new pallet trucks not exceeding 60dB noise, operators enjoy just that - QUIET! Plus better safety.

The LOOP Art Foundry

The LOOP Art Foundry