A Series 1.5 - 3.0t Electric Maximal Forklift

Maximal A Series Electric Forklift 1.5- 3.0t can be purchased from Avis Forklift
A series Maximal Electric Forklift Seat and Mast views
Maximal A Series Electric Forklift Battery

A Series Forklift ranges from 4- wheels available from 1.5 - 3.5T.

Design concept is "Engineering for Driver". Maximal engineers have focused on improving the comfort safety for the new model, with more safety, more comfort and every small detail carefully designed prepared for the driver. 

A series Forklift ranges from 4- wheels available from 1.5 - 3.5T.

High effciency, speed improvement

Climbing (laden)4 100
Driving (laden)15 25
Lifting (laden)275 5


Wide view mast  

  • Significantly improves the driver's front field overveiw, reduces dead zone and increase the safty and comfort of operation. Outside width of the mast: 720mm, 30mm increased.

Noise decrease 

  • Integrated transmission and axle decreases noise by 3dB

A series Electric forklift AC controller 

  • Maximal has adopted Italy ZAPI Ace2 new generation controller, more stable, more durable.

Steel Side Plate on the A series Electric Forklift  

  • Both right and left side plates on the Maximal are made of steel, it increase the forklift strength, also be higher for versatility.

Horizontal layout of controller on the A series electric forklift

  • Maximal has laid the controller horizontally on the counter balance to avoid the controller being damage when reversing. It makes the electrical system on the A series arrangement more reasonable for easy maintenance.

L – Type pump motor on the A series Electric Forklift

  • Maximal has adopted the L type pump motor make it much easier when disassembly and assembly and maintenance.

Protection plate on the Maximal A series

  • The Protection plate is equipped at the bottom of the battery to protect the oil pipe and electrical wire harness.

Integrated transmission and axle

  • The A series Maximal has Adopt an advanced integrated transmission and axle, with compact structure, provides convenient maintenance, decrease noise 3db.

Big operating space with the new A series

  • Small dimension, simple appearance with a bigger operating space, it makes an easily passing in narrow channels and better operator’s driving comfort.

Overhead guard on the new Maximal

  • Welded by high strength special pipe to provide more safety, to make the forklift looks more beautiful.
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