WP49-20/25 - AC &…

WP49-20/25 – AC & EPS Pallet Truck Silence Technology

Liftstar high speed rider pallet truck WP49-20 One Hand Operating, high speed driving, better protection for operator. The advantage of WP49-20:
  • Corning Speed, automatic reduces the driving speed when turning in corner.
  • Better Protection for operators. The driver stands inside the steer structure, lower risk of hurt.
  • Floating Driving system ensure the comfortable operating feeling.
  • Easy replace load-wheel
  • AC Curtis transistor controller
  • Big capacity of battery for lone time labour
  • High performance AC driving Motor,
  • Liftstar EPS controller, you can move the handle by one figertip


– WP49-20/25 – AC & EPS Pallet Truck Silence Technology

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